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Frequently asked questions about web page design

Just like your business, there are many things to think about when considering web page design and web design services.  How much?  Where?  How do we keep the reader’s interest and direct them to the most important information?  I have put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions, and things you want to consider when designing your site.  I will help guide you through some of this in our initial consultation, but you will want to prepare some in advance.  The Web Dude San Diego web site design will work hand-in-hand with you, so that you get the most effective online marketing tool for your needs.

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Q:  How much does it cost to build a website?

A:  Although I have included a basic list of prices for individual web design services, and packages designed to be both comprehensive and cost effective, the real answer to this is 'it depends'. 

Like any project, web page design can be done economically, or it can be done with a lot of flashy bells and whistles. Bells and whistles cost more. I quote each web design project based on your requirements.

The best way to get the best possible answer is to contact me with your ideas and some specifics.  From there I can work out a fair quote based on your needs.  I prefer to price the project based on how complex it is, as opposed to an hourly rate.  I may, however, charge by the hour for unscheduled maintenance, copywriting outside the scope of a project, and any work added on or changed by the client after we have already agreed upon the scope of the project.  I promise all clients that I am not going to try to up-sell you on things you don't need.

For a quality page design, one that looks right and works right, for honesty and reliability, and for a company you can trust to be around for a long time to come, you'll find that my pricing is extremely competitive.

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Q:  Can I afford a website?

A:  I know this sounds cliché, but the fact is that you cannot afford not to have a web site. With more and more potential customers online every day, the days of customers finding you in the yellow pages are all but over. People expect to be able to look you up online, at least to find out a little information, even if they heard about you from a friend or colleague's recommendation. A web site truly has become a necessity in today's business world. 

Understand, though, that you do have options.  We can put together an effective web page design including hosting for as little as $400.  If you are just getting started, it may be a good idea to start small, and add components as your business grows. 

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Q:  How much web page and web design services do I need?

A:  You might need a simple site, with a few pages to display your company information and answer questions that your customers or associates commonly have. Some marketing information to pre-sell your customers, contact information, and that's about it. This type of site is usually called a brochure site, and is typically the least expensive kind, as it takes a relatively short time to produce. 

If the site will require more programming and/or software, perhaps the use of a blog, or a member’s area, or e-commerce, these things take more time to work into a web page design. They need to be customized and tested, and of course the cost will reflect this.

After a brochure site, blogs and forums are found at the next cost level, followed by CMS driven sites (where you can add, update and change your own pages by logging in). The most expensive types of web sites to have designed and built, generally speaking, are sites which have customized interactivity or e-commerce sites.

The Web Dude San Diego web site design company will present you with options based on your needs, and then work with you to determine which web design services you will need.  I will never sell you anything you don't need.

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Q:  Do you only take on San Diego clients?

A:  No, although we are a San Diego web site design business, I can work with you no matter where you are located.  Many people prefer to work with someone who is local and accessible, so I tend to attract mostly local clients from the San Diego area, but I have done work for clients from all over the country. 

If you happen to be in San Diego, I will want to set up an initial face-to-face consultation, as it tends to save a lot of emailing and phone calls, and I can get a much better feel for your business. 

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Q:  How long will it take to build my website?

A:  My estimates for simple web page designs are usually about three weeks from start to finish.  This allows for plenty of time for back and forth communication between us as decisions are made.  More complicated projects may take longer.  I have to quote a time frame based on your individual needs.

The overall path we will follow along the journey from idea to completed web site can be summarized in five steps:

Step 1: Consultation/Planning - This is the most important step of all, in my opinion. Together we assess your needs and decide on an overall plan for the site.

Step 2: Proposal/Deposit - We have made our decision to work together. I prepare a project proposal in plain language, outlining the strategy we have discussed for the site and making the project official. 

Step 3: Graphic Design/Usability  Concept - A visual mockup of the web page design is created for your review and approval. Up to three revisions are usually allowed before approval, if needed.

Step 4: Development & Coding - The images are sliced, diced, coded and made into a real working web site on my test server. The site is ready to be performance tested.

Step 5: Liftoff! - The website gets final client approval, and then gets uploaded and launched. Your new home on the web is ready for visitors! Remember, you get 30 days of small tweaks (wording changes, picture changes, etc.) after the site launch.

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Q:  What about rush jobs?

A:  I discourage them. The Web Dude San Diego web site design company takes pride in designing good quality, hand coded, one-of-a-kind work takes a certain amount of time.

However, if your site does need to be completed for an unusually short deadline, and you have 100% of the content ready right now, I will let you know if it is realistic and how much added cost will be incurred.

Taking on rush jobs does reduce my availability to other clients or potential clients, so please understand that rush jobs will be quoted at a premium if they are accepted. 

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Q:  Do I need to supply images/photos?

A:  Yes and no. My web design services include graphic design, navigation and site layout, and these are generally created from scratch by myself. These are based on your logo (if you have one), the types of sites you like, and color schemes which seem appropriate for the project. 

Photography, if used, is handled differently for each site. Many types of web sites can do their job just fine without much or any actual photography used. If you do have good quality photographs in digital form that you think would be a good fit for the site, I will optimize them for use on the site.  If you have physical photographs that you want used, there will be an extra charge as scanning and preparing them is very time consuming.

Of course, this all will vary from project to project, and we will discuss all this during our initial consultation.

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Q:  What other things should I consider?

A: Here are some items that will come up in the web page design process. You can include some of this information now if you have it handy, otherwise it is good to think about some of it for later.  Again, part of my job is to guide you through the process.

  • Do you have an existing website? If so, should any existing content be used in the redesign? Why or why not?
  • What kind of business is the site for?
  • Who is your competition, and what is their online presence?
  • What are some sites you like visually?
  • Are you considering purchasing logo design? Often, a website will be based around the color scheme of the logo, although it isn’t necessary.
  • Do you have imagery you would like to use on the site? Is it in digital format or does it need to be typed or scanned?
  • What are the fewest number of pages that would serve your needs without crowding your page or make things confusing for potential clients?  What would be the theme of each page (front page, about us, contact us, our products… these are some common page themes).
  • It is important to start copywriting for each page as early as possible.  Create simple but effective paragraphs that will deliver important messages about your products or services to your potential clients.  Please understand that although I can do some basic editing for grammar, I cannot write the copy for you.  Also note that, for search engine optimization, it is helpful to include keywords as much as possible.  It is almost impossible to overuse these keywords that are pertinent to your business, the site, or the page. 

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Q:  Okay, I like what I'm reading.  What do I do now?

A:  Let's get started!  The Web Dude Sand Diego web site design company is looking forward to working with you.  Use my online form (on the sidebar on each page), Email me at steve@SteveTheWebDude.com or call me at 858.735.7946 and give me an idea of what you have in mind. This will get the ball rolling.

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